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Welcome to AMBA Victoria!

Welcome to the Australian Multiple Birth Asssociation Victorian Branch.
AMBA Vic supports local AMBA clubs in Victoria to assist families with twins, triplets, quads and more.
AMBA Vic supports communication between local clubs and the national organisation.


Having multiples can feel very isolating. Victorian AMBA clubs help connect you with people who know the unique challenges that having multiples brings.


Multiple pregnancies and births bring their own challenges and hardships, as does raising multiples.
Get support from families that have first-hand experience.


Sympathetic ears can be hard to come by when you need to talk about your multiples. Every AMBA family has their own story, and they want to help you with yours.

Why Victorian AMBA clubs are great!


Most Victorian AMBA clubs offer free playgroups for member families to attend. A great way to get support and make new friends!

Expectant Parent Evenings

Many clubs offer an opportunity to meet other parents expecting multiples, and get first hand information about raising multiples!

Family Events

Getting together with families of multiples is a fantastic way to know that you are not alone in your journey!

Executive Committee

Fiona Lally

Fiona joined the state branch in 2017 as President. Working in close proximity with the rest of the committee, she is working towards stronger inter-club relationships, larger state level events, and more consistent communication between clubs, states and the national board. Fiona has a daughter Zara & triplets Zac, Isabelle & Ashton. She is a member of EAMBA and active on the committee as Higher Order Multiple support.

Rebecca Jones

Rebecca joined the AMBA Vic committee as Vice President in 2017. Working alongside the State President, she has pushed for change, and has been a driving force in modifying the impact of the state branch. She is Vice-President of EAMBA, and has helped improve the club and the services on offer. Rebecca and her husband Michael have twins Charlotte and Georgia, and Isabella.

Abby Cooper

Abby is the Secretary for AMBA Vic, as well vice-president of Albury Wodonga MBA. Abby is married to Jeff, and together they have 9 year old fraternal girl twins and a 5 year old boy. In her day job Abby works as a midwife. Volunteering for Abby is all about giving back to the people who helped her so much when her twins were babies so in her spare time helps out both local and state multiple birth groups.

Anna Bucicova

Anna is the Treasurer of AMBA Vic. Her MCDA twin girls (Amellia & Anastasia) turned two in January 2018. After her girls were born at 36+5 weeks, her midwife suggested her joining CAMBA. Having such a big support was priceless, as her family are in Moldova. She is now giving back to AMBA by using her skills as an accountant. She is trying to be involved in AMBA Vic as much as she can.

Australian Multiple Birth Association
Victorian Branch Inc.

ABN: 31 288 298 976