About Us

The Australian Multiple Birth Association Victorian Branch (AMBA Vic) is the state representative of the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA). AMBA Vic is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian, non-political, volunteer run organisation with the aim of supporting multiple birth families. The volunteers who run all AMBA members clubs and administration branches are parents or carers from families with twins, triplets, quads and more, so the support being given is from those who know what it is like.

The role of AMBA Vic is twofold; we provide support, operational and/or strategic guidance for clubs, as well as liaising between member clubs and the AMBA National Board.The AMBA Vic committee is comprised of volunteers from local clubs and are elected by member clubs from Victoria. AMBA Vic supports the AMBA National Board by increasing public awareness of AMBA and the unique needs that multiple birth families face.

AMBA Vic Aims to:

  • Promote and encourage the development of Multiple Birth Clubs throughout Victoria
  • Provide social support to local clubs so they can assist parents and carers of multiple birth children
  • To be a self help organisation for Multiple Birth families, enabling them to exchange information and offer mutual support
  • Provide opportunities for new and existing clubs to interact with each other
  • Communicate, assist and encourage the activities of new and existing Multiple Birth Clubs
  • Develop public awareness of the existence of AMBA, its aims and purpose
  • Assist local clubs to work together in achieving common goals
  • Use our knowledge to highlight the many aspects of parenting multiples
  • Promote community awareness of the unique needs of multiple birth families
  • Promote AMBA Vic at a state level to gain for local club members
  • Work with the National Board to achieve common goals

Australian Multiple Birth Association
Victorian Branch Inc.

ABN: 31 288 298 976